Testing and Optimisation

Using a variety of tools to understand user behaviour and identify pinch points. Designing and running AB, multivariate and redirect split testing to improve and optimise the user experience and increase conversion.

We recommend implementing an experimental framework where the KPI's for success are defined and a clear roadmap outlines how and when these will be tested.

The Experimental Framework

Using an experimental framework for AB testing allows a continuous cycle of testing to be carried out, across different segments of an app or website. Some tests can run in parallel and others need to utilise a cycle so that there isn't cross contamination of the impact of one test on another.

  • 1. Determine the pinch point that is reducing the conversion rate
  • 2. Establish an hypothesis that can be accepted or rejected
  • 3. Identify the variables that can be isolated and tested to either accept or reject the hypothesis
  • 4. Set up and run the experiment ensuring all data is collected to measure the impact
  • 5. Analyse the results and accept or reject the original hypothesis

These steps can then be repeated with a newly formed hypothesis using the knowledge gained from the previous test.

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Some of the tools that we use for testing and optimization: