Power your data. Empower your decisions

We leverage web and app data to empower your business to make informed decisions. If you need help connecting the dots we would love to hear from you.

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We can support with all data projects, but the following are common services that we provide:
Measurement Planning

Mapping key business objectives to user interactions and site metrics to measure success. Goal creation, conversion funnels and comprehensive event setup are the common outputs from this process.

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Performance Reporting

Reporting on performance across social, paid, and display activity. We can implement data-driven attribution and implement efficient and accurate campaign tagging guidelines for your media partners.

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Tag Management

Managing marketing platform and third-party tags to ensure full coverage and efficient use of scripts. We commonly work with Google Tag Manager, Segment and Tealium but we are fully platform agnostic.

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Testing and Optimisation

Using a variety of tools to understand user behaviour and identify pinch points. Designing and running AB, multivariate and redirect split testing to improve and optimise the user experience and increase conversion.

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Data Visualisation

Bringing data to life by creating engaging, bespoke dashboards with the right level of detail and interaction for each stakeholder. Our favourite tools are Tableau, Power BI and Google Data Studio.

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Analytics Auditing

Ensuring data integrity across web and app. We perform over 80 checks of your analytics setup to ensure best practice implementation. We also provide full implementation guides for new features.

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